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Process Optimization

Our consulting staff has been involved in the design, erection, start-up, and management of all phases of manufacturing operations. This practical experience is accompanied by access to meaningful information that represents the real performance and capability of these operations. Examples of these important databases include production cost, labor content, process specification, quality, and process control information gathered from real plants around the world.

  • Provide textile product and process benchmarks based on data collected from the industry.
  • Provide documentation of procedures and factors necessary for making improvements toward process and product benchmarks.
  • Conduct comprehensive process optimization studies for yarn and fabric formation processes.
  • Optimize drawing processes so that slivers have the best achievable fiber alignment and weight uniformity.
  • Analyze yarn processes to determine key opportunities for increased spinning performance.
  • Suggest ways to increase productivity without quality losses for yarn production processes.
  • Help clients improve all aspects of yarn uniformity from short-term evenness to count variability through process optimization studies encompassing the entire yarn production process.
  • Help clients reduce defect levels in yarns.
  • Evaluate winding, warping, and slashing processes, and suggest improvements that will lead to lower weaving stops and enhanced fabric quality.
  • Enable yarn suppliers to manufacture knitting yarns and to compare their products’ quality to industry averages.
  • Identify and correct causes of barré in yarn manufacturing.
  • Determine the cause of weaving machine stops and recommend measures to correct stop causes.
  • Assist plants in the optimization of machine settings for air jet weaving so that maximum efficiency and quality and low stop levels result.
  • Rate the level of maintenance and quality for each process in the plant and index this in comparison to competitors.