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Single End Sample Warping Machine VMI 601

Model VMI 601

Single End Sample Warper is the need of the hour for any modern weaving unit. This product enables manufacturers to produce sample warps of short lengths (less than 100 meters) more efficiently.

The single End sample Warper reduces the sampling cost and eliminates yarn wastage, producing a clear ‘replica’ of the sample fabric to be weaved in bulk. Effectively saving time, this single end sample Warper produces a live, warp sample in a limited amount of time.

Given its time-saving capabilities and effective use of yarn this single end sample Warper will help you reap rewinding of your investment in just months.

User Friendly Programmable Pattern Entry

Pre programmable warp pattern for unlimited varieties of patterns. Precise response control for thread pick up and thread change speed by a compact digital A.C. drive, synchronized with pre programmable thread feeder pneumatic element. Thread movement through a precise engineering conveyor belt driven advanced motion control.