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  • Sectional Warping RI 112-01
  • Sectional Warping RI 112-02

Model RI 112

Feature Highlights

  • Laser sensor for yarn built up measurement & automatic setting of feed value
  • Traverse of reed table unit through precise AC Digital servo drive
  • High precision ball screws for reed table and feeler table traverse
  • Reed table and feeler roller table traverse on precise linear guides
  • Feeler roller (kick back type) for compact beam with individual AC digital servo drive
  • Closest yarn deliver to drum distance for avoiding misalignment of section width and cross ends
  • Easily accessible warping desk board
  • Energy efficient powerful disc brake with accumulator fully PLC controlled
  • Safety provision for warping and beaming
  • Inbuilt printer for processed data sheet
  • On line actual length measurement

Advance Software And Data Management

  • 15” colour touch screen (HMI)
  • Automatic section start position for X table (reed table), Y table (feeler roller), machine traverse and drum position at a time
  • Constant warping line speed control
  • Direct drive for warping drum drive and beam drive for efficient energy saving
  • Programmable leasing device for quick and easy sheet opening with oscillation of reed during machine run. split frame to-fro movement
  • Graphical display of all input accessories for easy trouble shooting
  • 3 Axis servo controlled