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Ultrasonic Reed Cleaning Machine

RI 1201 Ultrasonic Reed Cleaning Machine

Feature Highlights

  • SS fabricated tank for cleaning with over head cover for effective use.
  • SS fabricated tank for rinsing process.
  • SS fabricated tank for drying process.
  • Machine mounted on swivel type castor wheel for easy transport with jack at 4 corner for parking.
  • Inlet for fresh water/outlet for water disposal.
  • Water level sensor.
  • Water heater with temperature controller.
  • Ultrasonic sensor & generator with timing control.
  • Rinsing tank with water outlet to drain out water.
  • Drying tank with hot air blower.
  • Interlock with sequential operation.
  • PLC controlled timing sequence.
  • 5.7″ touch screen for process control setting as well as on line process monitor, safety alarms, user guide lines help menu.


Weaving process is operated in a high-speed machine. High speed means that the operation has to go smoothly and stable order to reach the high RPM and efficiency.

To keep stable operation at high-speed, we must assure that all parts, tools and equipments of the air jet machine are in good condition. One of many parts that very important in weaving machine especially air jet loom is profile reed.

Ultrasonic reed cleaning machine ensures better cleaning efficiency.