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The founder had started the operation with manufacturing of crank shaft for weaving machinery and sub assembly for textile processing machinery.

1962’s – We began with manufacturing crank…

We began with manufacturing crank shaft for Weaving Machines and sub assembly for Textile Processing Machinery.

1970’s – Rabatex industries was formed on february 16th 1974…

“Rabatex industries was formed on february 16th 1974. The company started its operation with manufacturing of the precision parts based on textile industries and engineering sector.”

The initial period might not have been very encouraging in terms of turnover but rabatex at least had the satisfaction of introducing ourselves as a precision parts manufacturer in Textile industries & engineering Sector.

Later on company has developed its first indigenous screen setting machine for printing. Company has also manufactured various types of precision compressor valves for M/s. Ingersoll Rand – USA, which were exported to all over the world.

1980’s – Company has developed a sectional warping machine for….

Company has developed a sectional warping machine for slow speed weaving machine with its own know-how and experience which was a great success. The company had first time introduced a new concept in sectional warping in india.

At the same time in 1983, company has also developed its fully indigenous high speed sectional warping machine with latest know-how and technology we are thankful to our valued customers for their co-operation and reposing their faith on us. The company has developed its “spindle driven direct warping machine” first time in india and which was successfully installed and working in leading textile denim plants.

With proud, we say, that we were to develop this type of direct warper in india with our own technical know-how. In 1988, company had developed a warp sizing machine with latest features and its own technical know-how which is a new concept in india for cotton industries.

1990’s – During the initial stages of this decade the company had launched…

During the initial stages of this decade the company had launched a new concept in quick flow system in material handling equipments and storages systems for weaving preparatory department. The company had developed different type of hydraulic foot operated material handling equipments and storage equipments.

These new products were widely welcomed and appreciated by the indian textile industry and we are proud of our association with many reputed textile group of this country some of whom have also entrusted us with their repeat orders for certain models.

During this period we have also started successfully exporting our products of sectional warping machines and material handling equipments to many asian, african and european countries. At rabatex industries we are fully conscious about the changing trends and the new fabric concept in textile industry.

We have been rigorously pursuing our R & D work with a sincere motive to present a revolutionary warping machine to the indian weaving preparatory industry. The modernized mills were constrained to approach monopolized overseas markets for technologically updated weaving preparatory machinery.

The suppliers from abroad were in fact squeezing the indian textile industry taking advantage of the situation. VM107 electromatic. During this period we could be able to come out with our new model of VM -107 electromatic sectional warping machine which ultimately proved as a boom to the technologically starved weaving preparatory industry in India.

The model was bestowed with an award for its fine and new warping features. MULTI POINT SERVO DRIVE VM 108 SERVOMATIC Still the imported warping machine from europe had the supremacy. Our R & D efforts were going on in full swing so that we can not only match the overseas manufacturers in terms of technological advantages and also wanted to give some more features than the global leaders could offer so far.

Thus during 1999 we have been able to come out with our latest art of technology, by introducing our multi point servo drive Sectional warping machine model VM -108 servomatic. With our entry into arena of high tech warping machine we can reiterate that the exploitation of weaving preparatory industry at the hands of some selected european manufacturers has stopped. The introduction of VM 108 sectional warping machine is a revolutionary concept.

The natural silk industry of bangalore which once had full dependence on imported sectional warpers have started adopting our machine. The premium shirting manufacturers are other notable instance. The noteworthy technical features of the model is provided in the attached Annexure Rl 106 economatic – the low priced but technically advanced warping machine for decentralized sector.

This model Rl 106 is our economy model designed looking to the requirement of decentralized sector of textile industry. Compared to its high tech mechanical features it is low priced.

While developing the model Rl 106 economatic high speed sectional warping machine with solid metallic drum, AC inverter, hydraulic brakes etc. our motto is to serve those weaving preparatory units who do not want to go for high tech computerized machines owing to budgetary or other reasons but still want to install a highly efficient warping machine with advance technical features.

Since its introduction has become so popular in different parts of the country that within a short span, more than 200 machines have already been sold mainly in areas like bhilwara, bhiwandi, tarapur, ulhasnagar, ichalkaranji, surat etc.

2000’s – Rabatex group of industries now produce….

Rabatex group of industries now produce 8 models of sectional warping machines in the price range of Rs.1.5 lac to Rs.65.00 lacs. Our group also offers a wide range of material handling equipment suited to all needs.

The company started its operation with a mere strength of 5 men workforce now employs more than 300 persons directly under its 4 manufacturing plants and 15 ancillary units.

Realizing the needs that may be set by the future ahead and so as to cater the ever growing demand by the weaving preparatory industry for improvement we are rigorously pursuing our R & D work. Our goals are:

  • To develop robot assisted sectional warping machines and material handling equipment which will bring down the production cost and quality of end product will improve.
  • To capture more export markets. By already exporting its products to various countries like EI Salvador, Brazil, U.K., Russia, Spain, Syria, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Yamen, U.A.E., Vietnam, Chad, Ethiopia, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Indonesia etc. the company has proved its supremacy in quality and technology.
  • To provide new technology to the textile industry in accordance with the changing trend. We are award winners for excellence in R&D for computerized sectional warping machine.
  • To further tighten company’s hold in the indian market. The company already enjoys a lion’s share in weaving preparatory machinery in India.
2010’s – How can we the Rabatex Group with its more than 50 years of….

How can we the Rabatex Group with its more than 50 years of active existence forget its patrons ? We are showing our capabilities as a force to reckon with. Now we have come out with our new entities i.e. by upgrading our PLC based sectional warpers and battery operated beam handling trolleys. We are still pursuing with our latest R&D network so that we are ahead of time and do not lag behind in rendering the best to our clientele.

The Polybeamer exclusively designed for flat warp, warping machine for technical textiles, creels for Geo Fabrics are the some of the achievements we could make our clientele in this decade.

We appreciate the valuable support you have been extending to us and we assure you more can be expected from Rabatex Group who have been sailing with you since decades with our innovative machines.

We have so far remained first with our novel ideas for you and this trend will continue provided with your support.

Till Date – New Developed product…

New Developed product

  • Advance High Speed Sectional warping machine with Multi-servo Model No. RI -112.
  • High speed single end sample warping machine model No. RI 6001.
  • Single End sizing machine Model No. RI 8001.
  • Battery Operated equipment for material Handling model No. VM 5002, VM 5003, VM 5009 , VM 509 B.
  • Ultra Sonic Reed cleaning machine Model No. RI-1201 for Cleaning of Reeds, Healdwires, Dropers and airjet sub-nozzles.