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Cone Creel RI 201

Creel Parallel Trolley Type H Creel RI 201

Feature Highlights

  • MS tube fabricated structure
  • Tensioner frame withdrawable manually
  • Thread draw off : inside to outside
  • Stop motion with row wise indication

Optional Accessories

  • Over head cleaner
  • Static eliminator on stop motion

Technical Feature

Standard pitch 240 mm (vertical/horizontal)
Standard ends 240/320/400/480/560/640 /720/800/880/960 ends
Standard vertical deck 8 (optional deck :5/6/7/8/10/12)
Cone holder Spindles fixed type
Pitch on request 200 mm/280 mm/300 mm/350 mm
Tensioner type Ratchet type/Tiana type
Stop motion Electro mechanical type/photo cell type
Eyelet Ceramic eyelet (closer/open type)